Prominent Restructuring and Insolvency Attorney Announces Formation of Pack Law in Anticipation of COVID Economic Fallout

Miami, FL – May 19, 2020— Nationally-known bankruptcy attorney, Joseph Pack, announced today the formation of his new law firm, Pack Law, which will have offices in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Joseph Pack departs from White & Case, where he practiced in the Financial Restructuring & Insolvency group, to start his new restructuring firm, Pack Law.  “The headlines are focusing on the retail giants and the massive companies.  But for every large company that is restructuring, there are a dozen mid-sized and small businesses on the same block that need the same level of expertise but cannot pay $1,000+ hourly rates,” said Mr. Pack.

The opening of Pack Law was greeted enthusiastically by Mr. Pack’s clients and prominent members of the South Florida business community.

George Feldenkreis, founder of Perry Ellis International, said “Mr. Pack is extremely smart, refreshingly honest, delivers results and keeps me updated in real-time when there are distressed situations and opportunities for the company.  He is highly respected by my in-house lawyers and is as impressive as any national partner we’ve worked with.”

“This is smart timing on Joe’s part, and I would expect nothing less,” said Soneet R. Kapila, nationally-renowned Federal Bankruptcy Trustee in the Southern District of Florida.  “To make this move in this climate,” he continued, “means Mr. Pack’s firm can compete against the big names, but in a structure allowing more financial flexibility for the diverse needs and interests of clients in this market.  He may be the only bankruptcy attorney in the state with his credentials not currently practicing at a large firm.”

When asked about his vision of Pack Law, Mr. Pack said, “It’s too soon to say.  Right now, we all have to wait to see how things shake out with the inevitable phase out of government assistance.  Given the urgency, I feel compelled to get out there now to help arm the owners of the businesses that make South Florida what it is with preparedness for the economic fallout that is to come.  It can be managed.  Particularly with the increased limits on Chapter 11 Subchapter V through the CARES Act, bankruptcy doesn’t have to equate to owners losing their business, and the case can be fast-tracked.  Additionally, parties on the sidelines ready to invest capital may be positioned to see unprecedented returns in the medium term.”

About Pack Law

Pack Law serves its clients nationally from its offices in Wynwood in Miami and on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  For more information, please visit, email or call (305) 916-4500.